preliminary teams

The following are the preliminary teams set up for the 2015-2016 competition cycle. These are bound to change, based on schedules when released, people's availability, and people's results at the invitational competitions. All teams will be highly competitive this year, so everyone's aim should be studying hard and pushing each other to do the best we can. No spots are safe. Events and students were chosen based on the event preference survey and also based on the interests/needs of each team.

For alternate assignments, various competitions have different schedules, so conflicts are extremely common. Please be well-versed in the alternate areas, but obviously focus your collective energies on your major events (unless you are an alternate for regionals of course...).

A TEAM (Click for preliminary events)

Seniors: Lauren Schadt, Amber Yildizel, Sean Dineen, Schuyler Dineen, Wendy Tully-Gustafson, Brian Lithen, Dom Caruso

Juniors: Zoe Camhi, Mimi Rahman, Jimmy O'Halloran, Brendan Mercado

Sophomores: Julia Hormann, Grace Constantino, Kyle Ness, Anthony Zavala

B TEAM (Click for preliminary events)

Seniors: Fabian Zurita, Josh Narvaez, Brandon Chungata, Faith LaRock, Mackenzie Dymek, Daniela D'Acunto, Emily Curran

Juniors: Connor Brody, Cameron Germano, Kenny Ortega, Patrick Mugan, Faizan Raheel

Sophomores: Morgiana McDevitt, Ryan Scheidel

Freshman: Matt Southard

C TEAM (Click for preliminary events)

Seniors: Caroline Darcy, Zeynup Okul, Tom DePaola, Shahhan Raheel, Alex Geneci, Hannah Flynn, Melissa Sosa

Juniors: Rob Phalen, Victoria Tran, Faizan Raheel, Dylan Lima

Sophomores: George Magagnoli, Erik Schassberger

Freshmen: Lauren Cottral, Logan Powers, Shweta Karmarker

D TEAM (Click for preliminary events)

Seniors: Brian Carberry, Pat Brody, Jess Rizzo, Kim Snyder, Jonathan McCandless, Jessica Brown, Allan Gremli

Juniors: Onur Oztimurlenk, Plabon Paul

Sophomores: Dylan ChambersAshley Howell, Kristen Julich